Beneath the Surface


Caroline Hanley-Bryant is the woman every woman wants to be. She has the perfect body, the perfect face, the perfect husband, the perfect life… on the surface, at least. Beneath it, however, her marriage is violent, and she is a shell of the youthful, hopeful girl she once was.

After a particularly brutal attack, Caroline flees with her thirteen-year-old daughter to Arborwood, the Northern Ontario town where her brother, Jake Hanley, lives with his new wife. There, Caroline learns that family means so much more than blood, and community can be one’s salvation. In Arborwood, she learns what love can really look like when she meets Eric Blondell, the ruggedly handsome head chef at the Arborwood Inn. He is nothing like the men Caroline has known in the past, and she must decide if she will trust her heart to love once more.

But the past is relentless. When Caroline’s husband comes after her, she will have a choice to make—one which she just might risk everything for…