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A journey through time. A journey of the heart...

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Sweeter than Expected

Much to the dismay of her very Victorian parents, young widow Isobel Duckett takes over her dead husband's brewery and finds the strength of her convictions--and a most unexpected love. 

In Victorian England, a young widow has two choices: remarry for security or remain in mourning for the rest of her days. Isobel Duckett is determined to do neither. When she learns her brother, who was entrusted with the management of her dead husband's brewery, has nearly run it into bankruptcy, she takes over to save her legacy. What she learns about herself is more than startling. She can love again.

In London's East End, a man has few options for bettering himself. Silver-tongued and handsome or not, hard-working and clever or not, his place in society is fixed. But Nat Cotter is unwilling to play by those rules. Not when his father and the rest of his family are on the brink of ruin. This holiday season he must make a choice to obey the dictates of society or challenge all that stands in the way of happiness. The reward will be greater than he ever imagines: the heart of a woman not only above him, but his equal.

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Copyright 2015 by Veronica Bale. All rights reserved.

Emmie Tunstall is in over her head. Not yet thirty, and she’s been hired as curator at Tullybrae House. A three-hundred year old manor in the Scottish Highlands, Tullybrae has more antique and historically significant artefacts than a museum. It will fall to Emmie to inspect, research and catalogue every last one.

Of the work itself, she is more than capable. But what Emmie doesn’t know is that she and Lamb, Tullybrae’s loyal butler, are not the only ones inhabiting the rambling, three-story mansion. She will soon realize that Tullybrae is also home to the ghosts of a little girl, a former countess, and even Lamb’s own long-deceased mother.

And there is another ghost: an unknown Highlander. Nothing survives of his name, his clan, even his death. Yet he is the one whose presence Emmie senses most strongly, and she becomes determined to solve his mystery. It is here that she might be in over her head, for in uncovering his story, she may be uncovering the path to her own destiny.

Family, loyalty, honor. Passion.


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Just in time for Christmas...

Much to the dismay of her very Victorian parents, young widow Isobel Duckett takes over her dead husband's brewery and finds the strength of her convictions--and a most unexpected love. 


Los Angeles, Present Day. When an iconic hat worn by Scarlett O’Hara in Gone With the Wind ends up in Christine McAllister’s vintage clothing boutique by mistake, her efforts to return it to its owner take her on a journey more enchanting than any classic movie. . . .

What's on my nightstand?





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The path to her destiny lies in solving a centuries old mystery

Searching the Highlands to find and protect the noble daughter of an accused traitor, Sir Dougall MacFadyen instead finds an outlaw beauty determined to rescue her father—and who is finally truly alive. 

Scotland, 1456 – The traitorous Earl of Douglas has fled to England, leaving his clansmen to die in his place on the battlefield of Arkinholm. Two Douglas lords are captured and await execution, their families stripped of all title and hunted. Many flee. One rebellious daughter remains behind.

Find her. Protect her. That is the mission entrusted to Sir Dougall MacFadyen by his master. Find Eleanor Douglas and learn if she hides in the Highlands to free her father, the much maligned Lord Albermarle. What Dougall discovers is a woman taken refuge with outlaws, a woman as far from her genteel beginnings as possible, who is sweeter and more alive than ever. Courageous, clever, and determined, she is all Dougall desires—and a possible traitor to the Crown. But for Eleanor, he would give more than the heart she’s already stolen. He would give everything.